About code G

code G is an independent web application development firm based in Denver, Colorado. We work in both web application and web site design, though we don’t consider them to be essentially the same: we appreciate the different challenges and opportunities afforded by each, and work with those differences.

Our priorities, as web application developers, lie with producing applications and code that work: web sites which are easy to use and allow the user to do the thing they wanted to do on the site; applications which allow the user to work with them as intuitively as possible.

We work with web standards to create things for the web, and we use PHP and various SQL databases to drive web applications. code G is a strong advocate of using open standards and open source software to get things done, both because they work as expected and they save our clients money.

At code G we like to think of ourselves as generalists. We can code in Javascript, Perl, PHP and a thousand other useless languages. A generalist is pretty good thing to be in technology, because computers and software changes so fast and if you spend too much time specializing you're already a dinosaur before you complete 1 or 2 projects. We also know how to work with a multitude of different programs so we can understand what our customers are talking about when they have problems.