PSD to HTML Conversions

code G provides pixel-perfect “PSD to HTML” production services for web design and graphic design firms. All you have to do is send us your Photoshop files and we'll deliver hand-coded web pages that match your design with pixel-for-pixel. Plus, we'll make sure the pages work in all standard web browsers. Basically, you tell us what you want – that’s what you’ll get. No excuses.

HTML / XHTML / CSS Standards

Designers who want to design pages / web sites without having to worry about keeping up with the latest in programming and web standards use code G to turn those designs into clean and efficient code. Your web pages are hand-coded to benefit from the stablest CSS and HTML/XHTML standards. This means the sites produced today will stay compliant with the newest browsers for years to come.

Because we code everything by hand, you'll be able to open your web files in any text editing or programming application – on any platform – at any time. There will be no extraneous code that depends on a specific programming application. You and your clients will be able to edit the files without any hassle or confusion over what something in the code is supposed to do.

Web Redesign for Standards Compliance

Many web site pages have been around for a long time. Even recent pages may have been produced using older HTML code which does not meet current web standards. Finally, many sites were put together using off-the-shelf applications that embed proprietary and non-compliant code in the web pages. code G is here to help clean up the mess.

We can take any HTML and clean up the code to utilize XHTML and CSS. This makes your site easier to maintain, fine tune, and enhance in the future. Likewise, the cleaned up code will help ensure the pages will display consistently in all browsers, now and into the future.